Since Do-it-Yza is all about pursuing passions, facing fears and doing things for happiness and growth, I made this master To-do List that will serve as my guide as I go forth this venture of finding my niche in this big, big world.

So, here we go.

  • Buy a camera.
  • Practice pet photography.
  • Start #Meownila.
  • Launch my own pet photography page.
  • Set up my blog.
  • Join When In Manila.
  • Switch to client side, specifically Marketing.
  • Launch my own pet calendar.
  • Conduct pet photography workshops.
  • Paint furniture.
  • Have my own furniture shop.
  • Create Pawtography PH’s portfolio.
  • Try vlogging!
  • Support homegrown and anything local through reviews.
  • Practice video editing.
  • Have a better Instagram feed.
  • Finish sewing bags.
  • Plant my own sunflower.
  • Help Leif kickstart his yuccie dreams.
  • Have a fit body! + enroll at Anytime Fitness
  • Buy a new laptop.
  • Travel at least once a month.
  • Buy my own condo unit.
  • Have my own boutique hotel.
  • Go to Cebu!
  • Travel to Hawaii!