tatts and thoughts

I got inked.


loving lakawon

I never thought I'd be able to set foot in Negros Occidental but I'm so glad I did. Lakawon has really won my heart!

sappy sad songs

If you're someone like me who masochistically craves for the ache only sappy, sappy sad songs can give, here are some songs made by our rising local artists you should listen to.

vinyl day 2016

Were you at Satchmi's Vinyl Day last Saturday? Satchmi has always been one of my favorite nooks in the city. Their space at Megamall is very cozy and artsy, espresso shots and cookies are available at the counter, self-help books are compiled waiting to be read and the ambient music is always, always good. There …

design week

Imagine this: exploring Old Manila topped with activities aimed to encourage the youth to take on both old and new forms and practices of art. Yup, not only can you witness works of art, you also get to participate and make one yourself. To celebrate art and design and to further promote and enrich Filipinos' …