pimples and a pity party

You know how Korean skincare products promise to make your skin poreless and pimple-free? Well, it worked quite the opposite for me.

About a month ago, I joined the X-step skincare routine bandwagon. I guess, I wanted my skin to become flawless and glass-looking, too. Well, I don’t really get that much pimples but my face looks really dry, dehydrated and dull. Long story short—I was unsatisfied.

From my usual cleanse-tone-moisturize routine, I added the following: oil cleanser (Dear Klairs Cleansing Oil), essence (CosRx Snail Essence), exfoliant (CosRx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid), overnight mask (Laneige Sleeping Mask) and eye cream (Innisfree Eye Cream). Two weeks in my new skincare practice, I woke up to tiny little bumps on my face. I freaked out, of course! But hey, that’s not the worst part because the following day, they became pus-filled pimples!


Holy forking shirt balls, am I right? My pimples just kept on increasing in size and number. I consulted my tita who is a dermatologist and she told me that my skin might be reacting to the exfoliant I used and all the new products I introduced to my face all at the same time.

That same week, I quit K-beauty cold turkey and never looked back!

The pimples didn’t instantly go away when I took out all those products. Since it was my first time to have a full-blown breakout, I didn’t know what to do. I was really losing it. You know, the usual pity party until I came upon this article that encourages people to always ask, “Why is this the best thing that ever happened to me?” in order to see that some things aren’t that bad and appreciate the good things better.

Well, having a pimple party on my face was not the best thing that happened to me but it was certainly a learning experience. I realized that a bare face isn’t so bad after all. I used to go to work with make-up but now, I just moisturize and that’s it. I used to think that having a break-out is the end of the world but now, I know that it’s not.

Aside from that, I also learned these five life lessons from my skincare mishap:

1. You don’t have to do it just because everyone’s doing it.

Yes, it may have worked on your friends. Yes, they are all raving about it. No, it doesn’t always mean that you should do it, too.

2. Nothing beats what works for you.

If you’re already happy with what you’re doing and using right now, why shift to a new one? Don’t fix what isn’t broken. Otherwise, you might just break it.

3. Shit happens and sometimes, the only way out is through.

We often want the easy way out when the going gets tough but you know what? There are times that you just have to go through the whole process, stay strong, and pick whatever pieces of lessons you get along the way.

4. Contentment is key.

It’s natural to have this urge to make life better and improve yourself. However, there are instances wherein appreciating what you already have can save you all the trouble. Pick your battles wisely.

5. Less is more.

I realized that I didn’t really need all those stuff to feel happier. I might have missed the chance to look better since I’m no longer using those products but you know what? I now appreciate how I look and I just saved myself a lot of money. (Imagine all the cash I would’ve wasted trying to maintain that intensive routine.) Maybe it was a blessing in disguise, after all.


Three weeks later, the pimples are gone and my skin is finally healing.

So, what made them go away? I just went back to my most basic routine: Cetaphil Cleanser and Cetaphil Moisturizer.

It’s so funny because the whole experience felt like an episode of Wansapanataym, and I definitely learned my lesson.

Stay sunny,



One Reply to “pimples and a pity party”

  1. Oh no! That’s too bad. 😦 I have a lot of skincare products din which I got from PR kaya sayang kung di ko gamitin. Haha. What I usually do is I slowly incorporate/introduce the product to my skin and use them simultaneously para hindi mabigla yung skin. Laneige Sleeping Mask works wonders for me! But I agree, less is more! ❤ I stick to cleanse-tone-moisturize routine on most nights, then other products, mga once a week or when needed lang.


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