loving lakawon

Last weekend, my office mates and I went to Bacolod City for work. And since we were able to accomplish our tasks by Saturday, we’ve decided to spend one more day in the province of Negros Occidental for a little bit of fun.

After trying the delicious delicacies of the city (Hello, Aboy’s!), our feet are itching to visit the sought-after white sand beach of Lakawon island.  True enough, you can see how white the sand is even when you’re still on the boat.

When we reached the island, we didn’t have reservations or anything. We just crossed our fingers and hoped that they still have a vacant room where we can spend the night. Luckily, they do have one and it’s only P 3,500.00 for 4 people.

I wasn’t able to take lots of photos because I just really wanted to enjoy and savor the moment for rare times like this when my trip is not sponsored and I don’t have to work.

Anyway, here are the few ones that I have. Scroll down and sneak a peek of the island.

Btw, it’s also my first time going out of town with my new lens (Fujinon 35mm). It’s a bit difficult to shoot landscape since it is designed for portraits but yeah, it’s still good. Thanks to Leif for this early birthday gift!

A trip to Lakawon won’t be complete without dropping by Tawhai Floating Bar. They serve good appetizers and booze. A piece of advice: It’s better to go in the morning when the sea is still calm. Otherwise, you might get a little nauseous because of the waves.

They have this trampoline thing where you’ll bounce straight to the water but I was too chicken to try. My office mates did though, and they said it’s a must.

The water is so clear that you can actually see schools of fishes. I even saw a couple of sea stars. Be wary though because Lakawon is a home to jellies, and no matter how cute they may be, they sting. But hey, there’s this adorable little jelly that is so squishy with her pastel pink and bluish color. I named her Puffy.

Here’s a quick photo shoot for my proudly Filipino woven bag from Gypsy Stash. Isn’t it gorgeous? Visit their website here for more stylish picks.

With my office mates, Lori and Mosi + Billi who took this photo

My “Yay! I visited Lakawon!” face

Scroll down for more deets about the island.


  1. Fly to Bacolod City.
  2. From the city, ride a cab going to Ceres Bus Terminal. The fare is around P100.
  3. Ride the bus and alight at the tricycle station going to Lakawon. Ask the conductor to inform you once you reached the stopover. Fare is P 111.00.
  4. Ride a tricycle going to the port. The fare is P 120.00 or P 25.00 each.
  5. Ride a boat going to Lakawon. The fare is around P 280.00. An additional corkage fee of P 50.00 per person applies in case you’re bringing food in.
  6. Yay! You’re there!


Premiere Suite – P 5,850.00

1 King & 1 Queen bed | Free breakfast for 4

Junior Suite – P 4,500.00

2 Double beds | Free breakfast for 2

Pearl’s Place – P 3,500.00

2 Single beds & 2 pull-outs 

Tropical Bamboo House – P 2,500.00

2 Single beds & 2 mattresses | Non-airconditioned

For more details, visit their website here.

I never thought I’d be able to set foot in Negros Occidental but I’m so glad I did. The people are nice, the food is great, accommodations are affordable, the beach is amazing and lastly, I finally saw jellies and sea stars in real life and not just behind an aquarium’s glass. Lakawon has really won my heart and I’ll definitely save up so I can come back soon!

Would you also like to visit the island?

Stay sunny,



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