life lately

I’m turning 22 in a few days and I just realized that even though I’ve been constantly blogging and writing, I haven’t really shared much about me.  For a personal blog like this one, things aren’t too personal around here.

So yeah, here’s a life update in case anyone’s interested wondering what I’ve been up to these past few weeks.


My baby, Pheebo, is turning one this year and I’m throwing him a cat-themed party! It’s the same day as Ariana’s concert and since I wasn’t able to get myself a ticket, I’ll just spend my money on my cat’s birthday.


I’m looking forward to having another cat next year! Hopefully, a white-furred girl. I’ll name her Sophie.


Although I promised not to shop until the end of the year, I gave in. Aside from the usual dresses and accessories, I bought a new laptop because my old one was dying after 5 years or so of service. Buying a new one was quite a struggle, sans expenses, because I had to choose between function and aesthetics. Good thing, I went for function.


I’m one piece of furniture away from finishing my painting thing, and with all the new house plants and my macrame wall hangings, my 22sqm. room is finally coming together.


My fingers are still crossed for The Ellis, by the way!


It has been four months since I started working out at Anytime Fitness Jupiter. Since the gym is right in front of my office, I don’t have much of an excuse to skip my schedule. I’m mostly running and doing cardio activities plus a few sets of squats. The gym instructors said that I’m not fat and that I can actually gain a few more pounds so that kind of lessened the bad feelings inside me. I’m happy with how my lower body looks now but I wish I can still tone my upper body.


Just recently, I also subscribed to Good Box PH. According to my nutritionist, I need around 1,200 calories per day, and since cooking is not really my forte and I don’t have much time to prep meals every single day, I figured it would be best to try food delivery. Wish me luck!


Earlier this year, I promised myself that I would set aside one weekend of every month doing something fun and relaxing. And so, I did. I went out of town for weekend getaways and visited places I’ve always wanted to see like Luljetta’s and Real Coast & Surf.


I even went to Oriental Mindoro and Negros Occidental, both of which sound so freaking far but hey, it was all worth it!



Handling the digital marketing of Payless and Joe Fresh is also going great.


This job allowed me to learn so many things. Even though there are times when I still feel like I’m in the wrong room whenever there are meetings with all my accomplished office mates, I always remind myself that I’m so lucky to be given the opportunity to take on a big responsibility under two successful brands despite my young age and relatively limited experience.


Being part of the admin team of is also one of the great things in my life, right now. Through this part-time job, I get to travel to different places, try new things, eat out here and there – all for free! Plus, I get to meet and work with wonderful people! The culture is v chill and it doesn’t even feel like work at all.


I’m still doing pet photography on the side with Leif but we’ve decided to take it easy this year because running after pets for photos is really tiring. Just recently, I also found two more gigs which I do on the side.



Bills and all, I realized that growing up isn’t so bad, after all. However, I should really start saving because I’m not getting any younger and it would be nice to have an x amount of money in the bank just in case something comes up, you know, like Ariana coming back to MNL. (pls)


May I just say that I am really, really grateful for the set of friends that I have? They are not only fun to be with or reliable 24/7, they are also inspiring. Some of them are doing great in the corporate world, some are hustling in the creative scene while some are out there achieving success in the entrepreneurial field.



And while we’re all just 20-something millennials who are trying to make it in the “real world”, we have each other way beyond just the walwal nights.

On that note, please support Hya’s business – El Churro.



Both my parents are doing fine and while I’ll always be their baby girl, they treat me as an adult already. I’m closer than ever to the both of them and even though my mom is far away, we talk more now than we used to. I’m also more comfortable sharing my thoughts and the things happening in my life without the fear that they might get mad or something. I guess that’s one of the perks of aging.


To be honest, the kilig and all that between me and Leif still feels as if we’re sitting beside each other in front of Cable Car while smoking cigarettes and listening to The 1975 using his blue iPod shuffle.

12728927_1292116930814693_4832283982437178224_nHappy is an understatement.


Everything’s going really well lately and for the first time in a very long time, I feel like I am sunny, again.

How about you? How have you been?

Stay sunny,





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