june wish list

If I’d have to choose one activity that I could do all day, every single day, that would be shopping.

However, as an urban-dwelling millennial who earns just enough to sustain my lifestyle and my cat’s needs, it is not wise to spend my hard-earned cash on things I see around no matter how adorable they may be.

So yeah, instead of shopping, I’ve decided to make a blog post about my wish list instead. How lame, right? But yeah, here ya go.

wish list

5. Laptop case from Woven

I’ve been eyeing this laptop case for a while now. I mean, just look at it. Who would dare say no this beaut? Plus, it is hand woven, made from tikog leaves, and inlaid with dyed buri strips. It’s not just about the aesthetics, too, since it features a foam-lined interior that will keep laptops safe and snug.

Price: P 899.00

4. Sling bag from February Lifestyle

This bag speaks for itself. Actually, all the bags from February Lifestyle do. Plus, they are all 100% handmade, hand-painted, and local.

If Kate Spade has a local counterpart, it would be February Lifestyle.

Price: P 2,800.00

3. Digital camera from Paper Shoot

I love my Fujifilm camera but this digicam from Paper Shoot is just amazing! It is portable, affordable, and adorable all at the same time. I’m actually wondering why I haven’t placed my order yet. Oh yeah, that’s because I’m trying to save.

Price: P3,995.00+

2. Red flats from Payless

This pair of red flats is an eye-catcher. The moment I saw it inside Payless, I instantly fell in love. The bold red color and the pointy toe style are just perfect. I tried it (of course!) and it feels really comfy too!

Price: P 1,000.00+

1. Tassel earrings from Who What Wear Apparel

I’m pretty sure that you know how “in” tassel earrings are lately, right? Well, I want one too! And so far, the ones from this shop are the most budget-worthy. They have it in different styles, shades, and sizes but this mustard pair got me.

Price: P 145.00

So yes, these five are on top of my current shopping wish list. As you can see, I mostly prefer local brands. Well, why shop elsewhere when you can find something cuter and cheaper here in the Philippines, right?

Did you like my picks? Feel free to share your thoughts below!

Stay sunny,




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