buy or bye: l’occitane en provence

Not gonna lie. I’m a hoarder of skin care products. I probably have at least eight soaps and lotions for different moods and occasions – for work days, special work days, weekends, happy weekends and so on.

One brand that I’ve been eyeing for the longest time is L’Occitane en Provence. Unfortunately, I couldn’t score the products I wanted because they are too damn pricey; well, not until I got an email that they’re having a sale. Yup, you can just imagine how thrilled I was! My shopaholic heart was jumping in excitement!

Here are some of the products I grabbed and a review based on my personal experience.

Cherry Blossom Bath & Shower Gel

loccitane 1

This two-in-one bath essential got me in a heartbeat. With its fresh yet subtle fragrance, I instantly felt like I was surrounded by lovely cherry blossoms. True to its promise, its rich and smooth foamy texture nourishes and gently cleanses my body from dust and dirt. Plus, it leaves my skin *really* supple and delicately scented.

Buy or bye?

I’ll most likely buy it again! I’m hooked and I really loved how it feels on my skin. However, a 250ml of this shower gel is worth P 1,150.00 so I’ll probably wait for the next sale before I grab another bottle.

If you also want to feel pampered inside the comfort of your own bathroom, then I suggest you should score one too!

Shea Butter Ultra Rich Conditioner

loccitane 5

You have no idea how much certain buzz words appeal to me. For example, I bought this product because I read the words “shea butter”, “dry hair”, and “ultra rich conditioner”. If you were able to read my previous posts, you would see how seriously damaged my hair is. Now, imagine seeing a product that promises to resurrect your strands from dryness. Naturally, I was in.

Buy or bye?

Well, I really loved how refreshing it felt. But then, its intense nourishing and protective properties didn’t really do wonders to my buhaghag hair. The ingredients might not be compatible with my strands or they are damaged at the point of no return. Either way, I think this is goodbye.

Btw, SRP is P 1,150.00.

Hand & Foot Cream

loccitane 4

Yep, these two are part of the bunch of things I don’t really need but I bought anyway. In my defense, they are worth it for P530.00 each! Bang for the buck, indeed!

The Lavender Hand Cream is a bestseller! Enriched with lavender scent and shea butter, no doubt that it softens the hands. When I’m down, I usually put a pea-sized cream in my hands and gently massage them all over. Instant picker-upper, I must say! The Shea Butter Foot Cream is also a sweetheart. After tidying up, I apply them on my feet for a relaxing sensation after a whole day of being trapped in office shoes.

Buy or bye?

It’s a yes for these two! I used a couple of hand creams before, but so far, it’s the best! When I buy next time, though, I’ll try the other scents! The Cerisier Pastel Hand Cream looks awesome!

Shea Butter Ultra Rich Hand & Body Wash

loccitane 3

Instead of putting it in the shower, I designated this hand and body wash to the sink. Its scent and ultra rich texture is a delight everytime I wash my hands. Plus, it leaves moisture and fresh fragrance to the skin. It’s currently priced at P 1,350.00.

Buy or bye?

Definitely, buy! To be honest, I never thought washing my hands could ever be this special and satisfying until I used this product! If I only have to choose one among all these L’Occitane products, I’d take this without hesitation.

loccitane 2

Aside from all the skin benefits mentioned earlier, here are some of the things that I also loved about the brand.

  1. Being founded in France, the line takes inspiration and insights from Provence. Well, have you seen Provence? IT IS DREAMY.
  2. The L’OCCITANE Foundation helps visually impaired people worldwide.
  3. They support the economic emancipation of women in Burkina Faso through fair trade partnership.
  4. They practice methods to preserve the environment, such as using natural ingredients, energy saving, opting for low emission transportation, and pushing for eco-design and recycling.

All in all, I’m pretty impressed with L’Occitane and I’m really glad I purchased a couple of their skin care products.

What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Stay sunny,



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