bye bye, brassy hair

Just recently, I realized that I am so done with my brassy hair. I can’t even believe that I actually let it hang there for like months. Yes, my purple shampoo from Beachborn helped lessen the warm tones, but overall, my hair still looks yuck.

And so, I’ve decided to have my hair dyed. After scrolling through countless reviews and articles, I made up my mind and went to Studio Fix by Alex Carbonell. Here’s how the whole thing went.

Brassy Hair 4

The salon sesh started with my favorite part – having my hair shampooed. Their shampoo smells so good and I couldn’t help but ask what they’re using. The stylist happily answered that it’s Schwarzkopf as he gently ran his hands through my strands. Up until then, I still haven’t decided what color I wanted but I’m pretty sure of one thing: I have to get rid of the brassiness. The senior stylist suggested ash brown and without any hesitation, I said yes.

Brassy Hair 1

The dyeing part went smoothly. I loved the fact that two people did my hair to make sure that all strands are dyed evenly and that no sections are lighter than the others.

Brassy Hair 3

They also offered complimentary drinks and even prepped some magazines for me to browse while waiting for the color to seep in. Plus, they have a free back massage and it’s not just a meh kind, it’s actually soothing.

An hour later, my hair is ready. Ta-da! Bye bye, brassy hair.

Brassy Hair 2

I so love my new hair color and my whole salon experience at Studio Fix! I think they just got my heart because that’s the start of brand loyalty right there. I’m definitely going back soon!


  • The place is neat and not too crowded.
  • The stylists are really nice but not the too chatty type. Plus, they don’t push you to try other services or buy other products.
  • As mentioned earlier, the shampoo smells great!
  • I appreciate the complimentary drinks and massage.
  • Loved my new hair color!
  • They have WIFI!


  • The service is a bit pricey. (But tbh, it’s worth it.)

That’s it. If you’re looking for a new salon that will take care of you and your hair, I swear by Studio Fix by Alex Carbonell!

Stay sunny,



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