aloha, i’m yza!

I’m a Digital Marketing girl who works for two fashion brands five days a week. After office hours, I find time to do my DIY projects, visit places, attend art-related events, go to local indie gigs, write articles for my awesome side-hustle, and photograph pets all over the metro.

DIY: Do-it-Yza is a little corner on the internet where I try to make sense of my thoughts, and document my attempts at finding my niche in this big, big world full of talented, imaginative and creative people. My silly ideas go from animal photography, sewing, and gardening to basic carpentry and mini interior design projects. Basically, anything I think of doing.

Reach me at or say hi at @yzatolentino on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You may also visit the vlog version of Do-it-Yza on YouTube.

Check out Modern Filipina, Design Made Happy, and When in Manila where I write articles of all sorts.

Stay sunny!


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