brunch at nikko’s

I’m a huge fan of weekend mornings.

I love waking up to the sunny weather, the warm sheets, the well-rested feeling from a good night’s sleep, and the fact that it’s a free day and you can just do anything and everything you want. And so, I’ve decided to do this series called Sunny Side Up which is basically about my Saturdays and Sundays.

Well, what better way to spend your weekend than to have brunch and share sunny side up eggs with the one you love, right? Read more about it below.


Being an urban-dwelling millennial who lives far from home and has no cooking skills up her sleeves, I’m always craving for home-cooked meals. Thus, I only rely on restaurants and my boyfriend, Leif, to save me from drowning in fast food.

The thing is, restaurants that serve delectable Filipino food are mostly pricey, which is why I was so happy to discover Nikko’s Baking Studio. This haven of good food nestles in the busy city of Makati and is just a walk away from the business district. It’s a perfect spot for family gatherings and get-togethers with friends.


The atmosphere of the place matches the food, as it, too, is very homey. According to Nikko, the owner, the artworks displayed on the walls are painted by her mother while most of the furniture pieces are from their own house. All these added up to the chill vibe that will really make you feel as if Nikko’s Baking Studio is an extension of your family home’s kitchen.


For starters, Leif and I tried the Spanish Sardines Sandwich and Boracay Chori Burger while we’re waiting for the rest of our orders. I loved the chorizo-stuffed pan de sal filled with gooey cheese while Leif enjoyed the hint of spice on the sardines spread. A side of chips was also served with the sandwiches.



Next, we tried their Shrimp, Capers & Olives Pasta and Creamy Bacon Pesto. What can I say? They taste as good as they sound. Bacon and shrimps in one meal? My day couldn’t get any better! The serving is abundant and both are more than enough to satisfy your pasta cravings.



Of course, we also tried their all-day breakfast meals. I honestly wanted to order everything on the menu as they all seemed so scrumptious! We had three of their house favorites, P.R.E. (Pusit, Rice, and Egg), Jay’s Sweet Tapa, and Dad’s Longganisa. To be honest, I don’t really like longganisa, but this one is so yummy that I actually gave in! Of the three, Jay’s Sweet Tapa is my favorite! The meat is tender, flavorful, and cooked the way I like it!


For dessert, we had Calamansi Pie which is basically their own version of key-lime pie. This made me really excited as I love key lime! It didn’t disappoint as the calamansi spin is just as good as its original counterpart! Seriously, though, after eating the whole serving all by myself, I wanted to take one of Nikko’s baking classes!


We topped off brunch by cooling down with their thirst-quenching drinks, Pandan Iced Tea and Lemongrass Iced Tea.


Overall, it was a great meal and I wouldn’t have my brunch any other way. We’ll be sure to go back soon!

How about you? How’s your weekend?

Stay sunny,


Nikko’s Baking Studio

Facebook | Instagram

59-A Paseo de Roxas, Urdaneta Village, Makati City


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