envi-friendly shopping

As shameful as it may be, hoarding and shopping are two things I’m guilty of.

I just can’t seem to let go of all my preloved college clothes because who knows when I might fit need them again, right? At the same time, I’m also a huge shopper. Can you just imagine how many things I have in my closet? To be honest, most of them are either clothes I’m not using anymore or clothes I haven’t used yet.

And so, I knew I had to break the bad habit and make a move.

I decluttered my closet and separated all the items I haven’t used for 2 to 3 months already. I put up this Instagram page called @cleantheclutter where I uploaded my preloved clothes and let my friends name the price. Of course, there were garments that didn’t make the cut. Luckily, I saw this initiative by H&M that helped me solve my problems.

H&M 3

As part of H&M’s Corporate Social Responsibility and under their campaign called H&M Conscious that aims to reduce, reuse and recycle, the brand gives 15% discount vouchers to anyone who donates a bag of clothes. What’s even better is that the garments don’t have to be in good condition. So, be it a sock without its pair, damaged pants, ripped shirt or whatnot, you can just pile it up and bring it to an H&M store near you.

H&M 2

All the collected clothes will be sorted into three categories: rewear, reuse and recycle. Garments that are still in good condition will be sold as second-hand goods. Textiles that can no longer be worn are converted into other products while the ones that can’t be reused are turned into raw materials or textile fibers. When all three are not options, the textiles will be used to produce energy, or so H&M said.

Isn’t it great to see a fast-fashion brand doing its part for sustainability and for the environment? Hope you guys can consider joining this movement too!

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4 Replies to “envi-friendly shopping”

  1. I recently decluttered my closet, too, and I was able to resell some of them. And like you, all the others which didn’t make the cut ended up on a pile beside my bed. Haha! This is a really good idea. Now I have a place to dump all my unused clothes + get discounts from my favorite store! 💚


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