artisan soaps

Have you been looking for natural and cruelty-free soaps that do more than just clean?

If so, lucky you! Here’s a local brand of skin care products called Soak Artisan Soap that offers handmade and organic bath essentials. Their products promise to awaken your senses, uplift your spirits and replay happy memories as you enjoy shower time.

I’ve been using them for a few months now, and I must say, I’m very pleased with the whole Soak experience. Check out the ones I’ve tried and tested below.

Fragrance Spray

One of the reasons why I love luxury hotels is because of how amazing the whole place smells. Can you just imagine how happy I was when I found out that I can make my own room smell like that for only P 495.00? I swear this all-in-one body, room + linen fragrance spray is a must-have.

spray 2

I got mine in Sweet Dreams, and true to its name, it’s sweet and dreamy! I admit it’s a bit pricey for one bottle but the thing is, even with just a few sprays, your space will instantly smell good. Plus, every time I take a whiff, I remember that it’s worth it.

Artisan Soaps

To be honest, I hesitated a bit before using them. I mean, will you look at these little bars of soaps? Aren’t they so cute they’d pass as art? Plus, even without removing the packaging, the fresh aroma will give you a peek of how wonderful it’s going to feel on your skin.

nautilus 1

The artisan soaps are made using the traditional cold-process method. Unlike regular ones that strip off your natural oils, these moisturize and hydrate your skin through their olive oil ingredient. What’s even better is that they don’t melt easily and one bar can last up to a month with its scent and design still intact.

party 1

For as low as P 220.00, you can score one of these artisan soaps. I’m currently using Nautilus for a beachy vibe even when I’m far from the sea, but I also love how Confetti and Sweet Dreams smell.

Bath Bombs

Affordable (as in P 125.00 kind of affordable) yet high-quality bath bombs are now within our reach! Yup, Soak got us and our tub time needs! While I haven’t really tried the Poison Berry bath bomb I bought, my friend Hya said that she loved the Party Beach I gave her last Christmas.

beach bomb 1

I promise to update this blog once I go home to my mom’s house in Bulacan since I’m too poor to have my own bathtub here in Makati! (hehe *cries*)

Hand Soap

This is probably the cutest hand soap I have ever seen! I got mine in macaron shape, and I loved it! It cleanses my hand pretty well and leaves off a subtle hint of freshness and softness. As fond as I am of this vegan treat, I’m not sure if I can sustain using a P 175.00 worth of hand wash on top of all my gastos!

macaron 1

 Aside from these four, Soak Artisan Soap also offers Facial Soap, Body Oil and Body Scrub which I have yet to try. Overall, I really loved and enjoyed all their products, and truthfully, bath time will never be as special without these goodies. Hope you guys can consider trying them out too! Check out Soak’s website here.

Stay sunny,


 PS – People behind Soak, if you’re reading this, please make shower gels and hair treats soon!



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