weekend at luljetta’s

Have you ever come across an article about a certain place and told yourself that one day you’ll go there?

Well, that’s exactly how my recent getaway at Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens and Spa started. I initially found out about it two years ago but for some reason, the trip never pushed through. Then finally, last weekend, Leif and I visited the place. I’m telling you, the whole experience went beyond my expectations!

Just a brief background, Luljetta’s is the first and only hanging gardens spa in the country. It nestles in the serene city of Antipolo together with Loreland Resort, Camptipolo, and the new Luljetta’s Bed and Breakfast.

Here’s how the whole thing went.

So, we booked an Uber from Makati to Antipolo, and we reached the city around 10:00 AM. Although they usually accept guests by 2:00 PM onwards, they allowed us to check-in early. After a quick break, we toured around the place and took photos.


The talk-of-the-town Hanging Gardens Spa consists of Dr. Fish Spa, Mini Infinity Pool, Jacuzzi, Sauna, Hydro Massage Pool and Infinity Pool.

Luljetta’s offers several day tour packages to choose from for as low as P 1,150.00 for a 5-hour retreat to P 4,150.00 for a full spa experience. No worries though, because every cent is worth it!


For first timers, the feeling of fishies nibbling your toes might be too ticklish. Don’t panic because, after a while, it will feel soothing, I swear!


Not gonna lie, the water in this pool is really cold! However, the droplets in the hydro massage feel good when you lie face-front the tiles.


The combination of the cold Antipolo breeze and the warm water in the jacuzzi is just perfect! There’s also a sauna beside it if you want some steam.



To be honest, we initially thought that the mini infinity pool was the infinity pool. (Hehe) It was only before dinner that we found out about the real deal, so we decided to check it out then just go back in the morning to further enjoy the scenery.


Anyway, the pool was really nice and taking a dip while enjoying the picturesque view is a great way to reconnect with nature and its beauty.


We also availed their signature Luljetta’s therapeutic massage to complete the whole detox from the hustle and bustle of the metro. Additional points for the outdoor massage deck. It’s lovely!


Aside from all these, we enjoyed the laidback film screening at the Movie Lounge. Leif even fell asleep because the day bed is very comfy and there are lots of soft, fluffy pillows around.

We also loved the tranquil mood at the Zen Lounge and Buddha’s Lounge. Both of them are Instagram-worthy, by the way, so prep up your cameras and practice your poses! *wink*



For lunch, we tried Luljetta Café’s red and white-based pasta, veggie salad, and lemongrass iced tea. We couldn’t decide which one we loved more because both are so yummy!


They also served us Antipolo’s signature suman for snacks. However, for dinner, we had the good old cup noodles. We had so much fun at the Infinity Pool that both of the restaus were already closed by the time we were done. Good thing, there’s a store inside the resort that saved us from hunger.


We then proceeded to our room at the Bed and Breakfast. Take note that they only have one couple suite and the rest are family suites already.

Thus, it’s advisable to book early. Room rates start at P 6,825.00 and the price is slightly lower on weekdays compared to weekends.



The room is loft type and spacious. You can even bring a +1 with you! It’s also complete with a television set, WIFI, mini refrigerator, heater, toiletries and other basic necessities you might need. The people in Luljetta are very warm and welcoming, and they’ll make sure you’re well taken care of during your stay.


Overall, we had an awesome experience and a great weekend. Leif and I really loved the place, and we hope we can go back soon!

You may also watch the vlog version below.

That’s it for our getaway at Luljetta’s. Let me know if you have questions!

Stay sunny,



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