yuppie + yuccie

Yup, I’m a 21-year-old girl who hustles in the professional and creative world.

Contrary to what people may think, millennials like me don’t hustle for the money. Well, yes, we do need money but it’s more than just paying the bills and saving a few bucks.

Believe it or not, we hustle for the fun of it. We hustle to do things we’re truly passionate about, to enrich our skills, to find meaning in our lives and to somehow make the world a better place in our own little ways.

There are so many people out there filled with regrets, what ifs and frustrations for working their asses off for things they don’t love and pushing the things they love aside for the fear of failure. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to be practical and to prioritize your professional career but that doesn’t mean you have to give up that silly hobby that makes your heart sparkle in happiness.

And that’s exactly why I call myself a yucpie. It’s a term I made up which is basically a hybrid of a yuppie (young urban professional) and a yuccie (young urban creative). I value the importance of having a stable professional career, and at the same time, I believe in pursuing passions. Since Do-it-Yza is about that, let me tell you more about my hustles.


Right now, I’m working in the fashion industry as the Digital Marketing Officer of Payless PH and Joe Fresh PH. Yup, that means 10 hours a day and 5 days a week of being in the office and sitting in front of the computer. But hey, I love my job. My office mates are really nice, and my boss is amazing.

I’m actually new in Marketing since I came from an advertising agency. Admittedly, it’s a bit weird to be on the client side but I’m learning new things every day, and I think that’s awesome. Hope everything turns out fine because I’m really looking forward to settling down in this company.


On weekends, I photograph pets for my little brand called Pawtography PH. I just started this gig last June out of my love for pets and a childhood dream of becoming a Nat Geo Animal Photographer. Truth is, I didn’t know much about photography before. Then suddenly, I was just like “Fuck it, I’ll buy a cam and figure it out.” And so I did.

I guess when you really love what you do, it shows.

7 months later, I’m making so much progress. I’ve been tapped by Advocacy PH and Fujifilm to conduct pet photography workshops for them. I’ve worked with several brands already i.e. Pet Express, and I’m the official pet photographer of two local pet brands. I recently signed a contract as the pet photography partner of an international brand. I also got featured in a pet magazine and I have an upcoming project with a lifestyle mag. It feels surreal, yes. Never did it cross my mind that this could happen but it is happening, and I’m more than grateful for everything.

Super Part-time

For the lack of better word, please allow me to use the term ‘super part-time’ as being a Feature Writer of When In Manila is also my side-hustle. Aside from writing about trending stories, I’m also handling the When In Manila Pets & Animals wing. What I love most about being part of WIM is that I get to practice my writing skills, and at the same time, advocate about local products, brands, and establishments. It feels absolutely nice to support our own!

I guess the best part about hustling is that you get to do what you love and learn to love what you do. So, whatever it is that you might be thinking of as you read this lengthy article, I wholeheartedly encourage you to go for it!

Stay sunny,



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