prime, paint & pastel

As an urban-dwelling 21-year old who lives far away from home, I have limited options when it comes to shopping for furniture. As much as I want to bring home all the lovely things I see when I window shop at Crate and Barrel and Heima, or have my home designed by Heim Interiors, my budget can only handle purchases from SM Makati’s Department Store or Landmark’s.

But hey, when did budget limitations stop a typical millennial from pursuing his/her heart’s desire? We gotta do what we gotta do. If there are three things Gen Y kids are good at, that would be resorting to DIY, improvisation and taking risks.

So, how did I transform another plain and boring faux-wood varnished dining set into pastel-painted tables and chairs? Here we go.

  1. Choosing the color

I originally wanted my table to be orange while the chairs are yellow. However, due to the previous paint projects I did, I still have half-full cans of pastel-colored paints, specifically purple, blue and pink. It would be a waste to dispose of them and buy new ones so, Leif came upon the idea of painting the table and two chairs using the three different colors available.

Here’s the original look:


  1. Priming and painting

Read this for a more specific and detailed guide on painting:

For both priming and painting, I started with the edges, corners, and areas hidden from plain sight using a paint brush then finished everything else with a paint roller. One coat of primer and two coats of the actual paint.

Make sure the paint is dry before painting the next coat. Don’t forget to let the paint cure before actually using your newly painted furniture. (Hope you learned the difference between paint dry and paint cure on my previous post!)

  1. Customizing the cushion

Of course, it wouldn’t be enough to just paint the furniture without changing the cushion’s cover.


Luckily, I have yards of chevron fabric in pink and blue which matched the paint’s color for the chairs.

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Prepare the cloth of your choice. Ideally, canvas fabric. (I bought mine for only 90 pesos per yard.)
  2. Cut the cloth based on the measurement of the cushion with additional 2 inches on all sides.
  3. Cover the cushion with the cloth, fold the excess at the back of the cushion.
  4. Tuck the cloth using thumb tacks or wood stapler. Make sure that the cloth is stretched for best results.


Ta-da! That ends our dining set makeover. Here’s the finished product:


Thanks for reading!

Stay sunny,



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