art in the park 2016

From young artists to well-known individuals in the local art scene, our favorite galleries, Philippines’ best art schools, diverse art spaces and independent art groups, Art in the Park 2016 got you covered with sundry of art pieces you would definitely want to take with you or take photos of.

Art in the Park is an annual art fair at the Jaime Velasquez Park that features all forms of art you can think of – paintings, sculptures, prints, photographs and new media. It is a project of the Philippine Art Events, Inc. for the benefit of the Museum Foundation of the Philippines which aims to raise awareness by making art both affordable and accessible to everyone. Artworks are for sale at the price of Php 50,000 or less.

This year’s Art in the Park, the 10th of the series, was a success. The mood was casual, relaxed and friendly. It was sunny which was perfect for a whole day of creativity and camaraderie. The whole park was filled with people of different profiles, booths showcasing one-of-a-kind art pieces, live music and food stalls.

Here are few of my favorites at the recent Art in the Park.

1. A really cute plant pot which was unfortunately out of my budget.


2. A mosaic of a cat.


3. Life-sized wax sculptures by Daniel dela Cruz which were set alight and purposely left to melt gradually. (Amazing, right?)


4. A cute and creative ice cream shop in a pastel-colored vintage car called Kombites.


5. A painting of lips by Vernon Perez. It’s my favorite out of all the art works I’ve seen so far, no kidding. Looking at it makes me feel all sorts of emotions, kind of how it feels like to rest your lips on the lips of someone you love.


But hey, no worries if you missed Art in the Park because you can catch it next year! In the meantime, feel free to check out some of my photos below.

Art in the Park




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